Portable Toilet Calculator

The most important decision to make before renting is to determine how many portable toilets you will need for your crowd.

Event Type:

Most rental companies provide a basic chart for large crowd use; as mentioned above, construction site use dictates roughly one porta potty per 10 workers per workweek.


Under normal conditions most people will use sanitation facilities once every four hours.

Take into consideration that the consumption of food, liquids, beer, and other alcoholic beverages will increase usage by 30-40%. Use these tables as a guide – then give us a call. 1-844-736-8249

Restrooms needed for Events

How to use this chart:

1) Determine how many hours the event will last, if it is multiple days use the longest day.

2) Determine how many people will attend, if there are multiple days determine the peak day.

3) Use the chart to calculate the number of portable restrooms needed for adequate sanitation conditions.


Estimates based on:

One unit provides approximately 160 to 200 uses with 4 hours between uses and no pumping service is provided 50% mix of men and women


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